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Street Dance

An energetic and fun style of dance incorporating fast, sharp movements. Often performing to the latest songs and TikTok crazes!

Street Dance.png

Acrobatic Arts

We are certified Acrobatic Arts instructors and therefore deliver safe and progressive classes. Starting from 3+ years old, we have a class for all ages and abilities. Bridges, cartwheels, splits plus much, much more!



We teach dance-based cheerleading which involves strong arm movements, amazing jumps and high energy performance!

Pom Poms

Drama & Singing

Drama and Singing consists of fun activities and games with lots of group work to help each pupil develop their confidence and stage presence. We learn to improve our voices safely whilst leanring a range of songs from Musical Theatre to Disney!

Beautiful old theatre


Our ballet classes are run through the Wollaston Ballet School and our students progress through the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. Click the Wollaston Ballet School tab for more information...



Incorporating a combination of jazz and ballet this style of dance uses the steps and movements to convey the dancers emotion.

Jumping Dancer


Involving both soft shoe and hard shoe irish dance disciplines, this style of dance involves a strong core and is always a popular routine in our shows!


Tap Dancing

Our free syllabus classes incorporate a variety of exercises to build upon rhythm, timing and synocopation both individually and in a group. We progress with time steps, wings plus much more!

Tap Dance Class
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